adunox® Technologies


Through continuous innovation, we enable our partners to keep their fingers on the pulse.
In the development of new products, functionality is always in the foreground.




adunox® Functioning Guarantee


We guarantee trouble free working with our collated screws (belt system) in all well-known auto-feed-screwdrivers.


Our magazine-stripe distinguish oneself with two special properties:

  • Long Cylinder
  • Injected magazine-stripe in best quality







The newly developed adunox®-ONE collated system allows the serial processing of various screw types.


The patented injected strip is unique in that the feed and the mounting screws are seperated. This way, the screw holder can be adapted to nearly all kinds of screw geometries. Another major advantage is the tilted inclination of the screws; because of this arrangement, the screw tips are visible and the screws can, for example, be easily put into pre-drilled holes. After the screw has been fitted, the injected strip is removed via the joints.



Main uses:

  • Wood construction / terrace construction / facade engineering
  • Interior improvements
  • Roofs and walls
  • Truck bodywork
  • Furniture industry






One System - Lots of Options!


The new collated system adunox®-HEX enables the serial processing of screws with a large head diameter as well as screws with washer. These include screws with hexagon, Philips or torx drive.

Field of application:

  • Structural-facing sector
  • Longitudinal screw connection (roof)
  • Sheet metal screw connection
  • Truck-superstructures
  • Timber construction
  • Steel-steel-connections

All cordless auto-feed-screwdrivers adunox®-HEX are also available with a practical extension.










The screwing device for floor and ceiling screw connections


With the adunox®-UP the screws are inserted using a 1-click-system and therefore do not have to be fixed manually by the craftsman. The adunox®-UP processes screws with a diameterof 5 to 6 mm and from length of 50 mm.

Field of application:

  • Packaging industry
  • Woodworking
  • Decking
  • Glued laminated timber




adunox®-HEX ball


With the screw-in device adunox®-HEX ball it is possible to drive farmer screws with one hand.
The fixing pressure is adjustable through the depth control.