Training by adunox®



"When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windwills."       

(Chinese Saying)



Cause we are the ones, who build the windmills instead of the walls, we support young people, who share the same opinion and have the courage to start something new in their lives.
In the following we present jobs, which we are training in our company. 


Industrial clerk

Industrial clerks are employed in industrial companies in a wide range of economic sectors. There they work on business management tasks, the main focus being on marketing and sales, procurement and stockpiling, performance accounting and personnel.
For making the training successful, trainees should have a certain commercial interest and sense of responsibility. Communication skills and negotiation skills complement the qualities that an industrial clerk should bring to the job. In addition, the fun of dealing with numbers and data simplifies the training period. 

The training of industrial clerks lasts 3 years.


Merchant in E-Commerce

During their training, merchants in e-commerce deal with areas such as product data management, content maintenance, search engine optimization, online store development, e-mail marketing and graphics. They also analyze marketing campaigns and thus work with numbers and statistics. They evaluate different sales channels and work on true shopping experiences for our customers. Merchants in e-commerce should enjoy working with media and communication tools. A certain amount of creativity facilitates the path to success. 

The training period is 3 years.




Warehouse logistics specialist

Specialists for warehouse logistics are employed in companies of almost all economic sectors. The training for this is a recognized training occupation in industry, trade, but also in the craft.
The tasks of a specialist for warehouse logistics include the acceptance of goods, as well as their inspection upon receipt and subsequent proper storage. Furthermore, the packing and shipping of goods is learned during the training period. In addition, trainees in this field actively participate in the optimization of logistics processes.
As a trainee you should bring along care, reliability, independence, but also the ability to work in a team.

The training period is 3 years.