The NEW collated "universal" woodwork screw from adunox

NEW in our product range!

After a long development we have them: The magazined wood screws in the long strip system in dimensions from 4.0x30 mm to 5.0x80 mm.


The wood screw is characterised above all by its universal areas of application. These range from wood-on-wood connections to the optimal fastening of OSB and chipboard without pre-drilling.
The large dimensions in particular are ideal for press-bonding.


The partial thread with long shank guarantees a firm tightening and the TX/AX-drive guarantees optimum power transmission.


Thanks to the ETA approval (European Technical Assessment), the screws can also be used in can also be used in structural timber engineering.


We recommend the adunox LA25-80M2 magazine screwdriver for processing.


You can find more information about these screw on our category page "Woodwork screws zinc plated"