adunox® bonding technology



What particularly distinguishes the adunox® bonding technology...


  • Compatibility - Use the glue gun with your existing battery1.

  • Flexibility - Suitable for joining many different materials.

  • Perfect Alignment - Depending on the adhesive, you have up to 180 seconds to readjust.

  • Big strength - adunox®-EXTREME hot melt adhesive for very big holding strength.



Individual battery compatibility

With the desired, supplied adapter for your adunox® glue applicator, you can easily use the battery you already have without having to buy a new battery. The matching adapters are available for batteries from well-known manufacturers:










The strong hot melt adhesive



Structural adhesives for quick bonding

Processing time:
48 seconds

suitable for metal, ceramic, stone, wood, concrete, fibre cement, plastic and more


Structural adhesives for bonding with adjustment time

Processing time:
180 seconds

suitable for metal, ceramic, stone, wood, concrete, fibre cement, plastic and more



Fields of application


Metal on stone

(in the example: towel holder on tile)

Plastic on plaster

(in the example: fire detector on the ceiling)

Wood on wood

(in the example: wooden strip to wooden strip)

Wood on plasterboard

(in the example: baseboard on drywall)



Here you can find the complete overview as well as further information about our battery glue guns.





Are you a specialist retailer who likes to convince your customers of innovative and high-quality products?

Then become part of adunox® now and receive an exclusive Starter Set2 of the adunox® bonding technology; consisting of

5 x glue gun set (incl. desired adapter)

10 x adunox®-EXTREME48 (12 adhesive bars each)

10 x adunox®-EXTREME180 (12 adhesive bars each)

1 x sales/counter display


Please contact us for further information.




1 battery not included
2 at special retailer price