Battery glue guns



Melting capacity: 1kg/h
Glue sticks: Ø12mm
Tension: 18V
Performance: 20W (150W)
Heating technology: PTC
Temperature control:  Self-regulating
Temperature in °C: 195°C, lower in Eco mode
Mains connection: Needle tip
Weight: 360g
Weight (with 2.5Ah): ~810g
Weight (with 4.0Ah): ~1.00kg
Weight (with 5.0Ah): ~1.10kg
Packaging Carton





Adapters are available for the following batteries:










ECO Mode

Power Mode


Extended battery life

by up to 30% to five hours


Targeted adjustment of the adhesive properties

due to lower temperature

(accelerated curing -
increase in viscosity)

ECO Mode



Information on battery life



   2.5Ah 18V   

   4.0Ah 18V   

   5.0Ah 18V   

ECO Mode

2 h 30 min. 4 h 5 h

Power Mode   

1 h 15 min 2 h 2 h 30 min






Information on the right adhesive for your glue gun can be found here.

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